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of the democratic convention in sharyl. president obama makes a surprise visit after bill clinton brings the delegates to their feet. >>> we'll ask two top advisers what the president will say tonight and we'll speak with caroline kennedy also. >>> a bizarre bank robbery straight out of the movies leaves los angeles police baffled. plus andy roddick's emotional farewell at the u.s. open. >>> we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> bill clinton defends president obama and makes the case for reelection. >> are we better off than we were when he took office? the answer is yes. >> the weather playing a role in the convention. president obama will not deliver his address at an outdoor football stadium. >> apparently the campaign is concerned about this well-known weather phenomenon known as empty seats. >> a broken off remnant of isaac is making a second appearance in the gulf of mexico. that could mean more downpours, flash flooding from louisiana to the florida p
this morning" from the site of the democratic convention in charlotte. >>> michelle obama tells voters the president knows what they're going through. >>> tonight, former president bill clinton will take center stage to make his case for re-electing president obama. >>> gunfire erupts as a politician takes the stage during an election night rally. >>> and we'll introduce you to the nfl's most interesting man. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i have seen first-hand that being president doesn't change who you are. no. it reveals who you are. >> the first lady makes a personal pitch at the democratic national convention. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. [ applause ] >> julian castro, the mayor of san antonio, gave the keynote address. >> we all understand that freedom isn't free. what romney and ryan don't understand is that neither is opportunity. >>> nascar is a metaphor for the democratic party. everyone else is just here waiting for them to fl
at 7:25 a.m., >>> president obama asks the country for another four years. >> you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. >> this was not the kind of speech that bill clinton made. it didn't have that little spark. >> do you think there's a reasonable chance that your husband could lose this election? >> absolutely not. >> the key august jobs report is just in. >> the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1% from 8.3%. the bad news is that only 96,000 jobs were created. this is not the hopeful number that the administration and the country was looking for. >>> prince harry has arrived in afghanistan this morning to begin a new deployment to be on the frontlines facing the taliban. >> drew peterson found guilty of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. maximum sentence of 57 years in prison. >>> two people in federal custody tonight after a hoax claiming a passenger on a flight was carrying a dangerous substance. the incident was a prank. >> this is where things tend to get a little ugly. >> oh, my goodness. look out.
to be a long and slow recovery begins. mitt romney gets a look at the damage and president obama heads there on monday. >>> more americans are hitting the road in labor day weekend but at a cost. gasoline prices are at more than $4 a gallon in at least five states. >>> a new era begins at penn state as the nittany lions take to the field. can the players and the college community put the jerry sandusky sex scandal behind them? and the lighter side of politics. >> there's a certain magic about a good cartoon. when you hit that, you really -- it's really, really great. >> inside the mind of a pulitzer prize winning cartoonist. all that and so much more on "cbs this morning saturday," all that and so much more on "cbs this morning saturday," september 1st, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> thanks for joining us and welcome to the beginning of your nice hopefully long holiday weekend. welcome chip reid. >> it's great to be here. >> good to see you. >> we begin with the after smat of hurricane isaac. the storm is passing over the mid-mississippi and lower ohio valleys bringing threats of h
. >> first lady michelle obama will be the headliner on the first night of the convention. >> this whole idea of folks better off now than they were four years ago, that's the central question to the election. >> the president can say a lot of things, and he will, but he can't tell you that you're better off. >> you want to know whether we're better off? i've got a little bumper sticker for you -- osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive! >>> a massive wildfire raging right now in southern california. >> it's only 5% contained. >> the williams fire has burned 3,600 acres. >> i don't want this place to burn up. this is my home. >>> it has been one week since isaac slammed into the gulf coast, and still, tens of thousands are in the dark. >> president obama visited a parish hit hard by hurricane isaac on monday. >> democrat or republican, we're all just americans looking out for one another. >>> a close call for a meowner. a moose attacked him. >> scared the crap out of me. do not jump on my car, mr. moose! >> you add in a bulldozer in a very crowded parking lot, some angry bystander
center. ahead of the democratic convention, president obama accuses of -- >>> hurricane isaac dangerous new wildfires are breaking out in california. just when you thought it was safe, more great white sharks force swimmers out of the water this labor day weekend. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> we saw nothing but insults and old slogans. >> in charlotte, the president is going to focus on a pathway to moving us forward. >> democrats prepare for their turn in the spotlight. >> it will not be the three nights of the democratic convention but on friday when we hear again about the monthly jobs report. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? >> governor o'malley probably didn't help the democrats. >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no. but that's not the question of this election. >> took everything. everything is gone. >> the president will travel to louisiana today. hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses still have no power. >> losses estimated between 1.5
.s. and israel. >> reporter: that squabble led to a one hour phone call between president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu late last night east coast time early morning in israel after israeli officials complained that he was being snubbed by the white house. on sunday and then again wednesday, prime minister net railed against the u.s. for not taking a tougher stance on iran's nuclear program. >> if iran knows that there's no red line, if iran knows that there's no deadline, what will it do exactly what it's doing. it is continuing without any interference. >> reporter: then came reports in the israeli press that the white house turned down a meeting with when president obama and the prime minister attend the u.n. general assembly in new york later this month. they're simply not in the city at the same time the white house explained. this is the first time that benjamin netanyahu has come to the united states as prime minister and not met with president obama. the two have had their tense moments before in an oval office meeting last year, benjamin netanyahu appeared to lectur
and that this attack was by a small and savage group of individuals. we remind you that president obama will comment at the white house less than an hour from now. we will also bring you that statement live. this has been a cbs news special report. i'm norah o'donnell along with charlie rose in new york. for those of you in the west, our coverage of this breaking news story continues. >>> good morning. to our viewers in the west, it is wednesday, september 12th, 2012. welcome to ""cbs this morning." the u.s. ambassador to libya has been killed. we'll have complete coverage from the middle east to washington. >>> the white house denies the president is snubbing israel's prime minister before the election. >>> in studio 57 this morning, bob woodward. what to expect from apple's iphone announcement today. >>> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. >> four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador after an attack in benghazi. >> storming the consulate under the cover of d
. >> we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. >> the battle for the white house zeros in on ohio. >> president obama and mitt romney will be in the same state at the same time. >> no republican has won the white house without winning the buckeye state. >> and ahmadinejad addresses the united nations today. >> israel believes you want to destroy them. you said you want to drive them from the face of the earth. it's a very serious question. >> football fans are still fumes over that botched call. >> the touchdown held around the world. >> some are calling it the worst call in the nfl history since the black eyed peas were asked to sing the super bowl. >> andy williams has died. >>> powerful waves create an intreadble scene in a paddle boat race. >> performance and regulations for self-driving cars. >>> would you say he is frugile or cheap. >> the seahawks were robbed of a win -- actually the packers were robbed. thank you for whoever wrote that. >> allen, you're late. >> i don't care. i had a [ bleep ] night last night. >>>
. >>> good morning. it's friday, september 7, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama asks voters for four more years saying republicans don't have answers to america's problems. >> a new jobs report could show us whether the economy will help or hurt the president's reelection chances. >>> fresh off his las vegas scandal, prince harry is deployed to afghanistan. >>> but we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> times have changed and so have i. i'm no longer just a candidate. i'm the president. >> president obama asks the country for another four years. >> you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear, you elected me to tell you the truth. >> this is not the speech that bill clinton had. it didn't have that spark. >> do you think there's a chance your husband could lose this election? >> absolutely not. >>> we are hours away from the big story. the new jobs report comes out. we're expecting 130,000 jobs created. >> the dow surged 244.5 to close at its highest mark in almost five years. >>> prince harry arrived in afghanistan th
news. anti-american protests erupt overnight and turn deadly. >>> mitt romney attacks president obama for saying you can't change washington from inside. >>> and millions around the world eagerly await the new iphone but there's already a problem. >>> but we begin this morning with a look add today's "eye opener" your look at the world in 90 seconds. >> countries bracing for muslim protests around the world right now. >> u.s. embassies on high alert preparing for more anti-american outrage. >> the film made about the prophet muhammad. >> ads featuring both president obama and secretary clinton have been running on pakistani tv denouncing the film. >> his slogan was yes, we can. his slogan now is no, i can't. it's time now for a new president. >> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> we're going to give him that chance in november. >> ann romney responding to republican critics. >> what do you say to your fellow republicans? >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it, get in the ring. >> a milestone in the war in afghanistan. the las
-minutes interview. >>> president obama cuts the fundraising gap with mitt romney. >> chicago teachers walk off the job and serena williams is very happy. >>> we begin with your world 90 seconds. >> after osama bin laden is still wounded, you shot him twice. >> a handful times. >> an ex-navy s.e.a.l. gives cbs news a firsthand account of the historic raid. >> you shot pictures of his face in a profile. can you describe what they loo& edplooked like? >> pretty gruesome. >> when you say gruesome, what are we talking about? >> he had a bullet wound in the head. so that gruesome. >> we will demand a fair co we demand a fair contract tomorrow. >> more than 26,000 chicago ic &ore than 26,000 chicago choppubollic ort& psupport staff are set to go on strike. >> negotiations stalled over se benefits, job security and >> this is not the right thing to do to children. it's unnecessary, it's avoidable. it's wrong. >> pizza shop owner puts the squeeze on the president. a bear hug. a man hug. >> are you a power lifter or what? >> imagine a huge plane part falling from the sky in your neighborhood. it hap
, today is expected to be a quiet date for both president obama and mitt romney. neither candidate has any public events planned. behind the scenes, they're cramming for their first debate. chip reid is traveling with the romney campaign in boston. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. this debate is huge for both candidates. some republican strategists say if does not do well in this, it could be downhill from there. and president obama's advisors are very worried he could make a mistake giving mitt romney the opportunity he needs. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody who makes $20 million a year like he does plays a lower tax rate than a cop or teacher who makes $50,000. >> at campaign appearances friday, president obama and mitt romney seemed to be previewing next wednesday's debate when the battle over taxes is expected to take center stage. romney say ts he'll hold the president accountable for misrepresenting his record. >> i will not raise taxes on middle income americans! >> reporter: the stakes in the debate are so high that both candidates will soon retreat into political
funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." in an on dline video, romney sa president obama's base of voters believes they are victims who are entitled to government help. he said as a candidate he's not worried about them. >> the obama campaign jumped on the statement calling it shocking. this morning, romney said the wording was bad, but not the message. jim crawford is covering the romney campaign and is in los angeles this morning. jan, good morning. >> good morning. good morning to our viewers in the west. romney will be leaving here in about an hour, heading to utah for a fund-raiser. the video posted online by mother jones is proving to be a distraction for a campaign about jobs. >> it's not elegantly stated, let me put it that way. i'm speak off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state it more clearly and in a more effective way than i did in a setting like that. >> romney appeared late monday at a hastily arranged news conference, addressing a video that surfaced of him earlier in the year the a fund-raiser. at event last may, romney was making a point
news -- protesters storm another embassy in the middle east. >> president obama hits back hard at governor romney for criticizing the first response to the protests in egypt. >>> is china trying to hack into america's phone system? john mill hear details on that, and why doctors can be so wrong so often about who has alzheimer's. >>> but we begin "this morning" with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> pro testers in yemen stormed the u.s. embassy there. the seal removed, the american flag torn down and burned. >>> breaking news. another american embassy attack in the middle east. >> protesters on the embassy's ground but did not enter the building. >> police trying to deal with the anger in cairo as well firing tear gas into a rock-throwing crowd. >>> as the u.s. eyes terror behind the libyan attack. >> four americans murdered including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. >>> a pro-al qaeda group is the key suspect now. >> the pentagon is moving two warships to the libyan coast. >> bottom line, this is a terrorist taunt. >>> what appeared to be an apolo
to presidential politics. president obama has matched governor mitt romney in fundraising for the first time in four months. new figures show the president's campaign raised $114 million in august. $3 million more than the romney campaign. as bill plante reports, both candidates were in full campaign mode over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. the president left charlotte on the momentum of his convention and he took his attack on the road against mitt romney, trying to keep romney on the defensive. but on the campaign trail, you never know what's going to happen. president obama got a different kind of post-convention lift sunday. on the campaign trail in ft. pierce, florida. >> man, are you a power lifter or what? >> reporter: on the ground the president was campaigning hard in the key swing state, arguing that mitt romney's plan to cut taxes and balance the budget simply does not add up. >> you've got to do the math, because when my opponents were asked about it today, they couldn't. it was, like, two plus one equals five. >> reporter: the president was reacting
was later pronounced dead. >>> in the race for the white house, president obama goes to ohio today while governor mitt romney travels to los angeles. bill plante reports, the middle east protests are shifting the conversation on the campaign trail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning in the west. mitt romney goes after the hispanic vote today. he's got a speech in los angeles just a little over an hour from now. and now that the president is leading in most polls, the romney campaign is looking for new avenues of attack against the president. and the unrest overseas has provided one such opportunity. president obama faced a barrage of criticism sunday from republicans charging that his leadership on foreign policy is weak and ineffectual. >> president obama's policy has been confusing. it's been apologetic. and it's been misguided. >> there's no question but that we're weaker than we were when barack obama took office. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign has long argued that the president's policies have made the united states weaker throughout the world. despite public
message, with the hope and change that barack obama had four years ago has left people disappointed. mitt romney and paul ryan spent their time saturday in ohio and florida. their post-convention campaigning coinciding can college football tailgating. something both men took advantage of. ryan visited with ohio state fans and romney used a sport analogy to criticize the president. >> 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or are underemployed. if you have a coach that is zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: romney tried out that line in both states as he worked to build on a theme of disappointment. >> it's been a bad, disappointing four years. for that reason, people in ohio, even those who like him a lot, say he wasn't up to the job. >> reporter: it's too soon to tell how much or how little the convention effected romney's standing in the polls. so far the data suggests the republican may have only gotten a small bump but some conservatives are critical saying romney's speech in tampa lacked specifics on the economy and afghanist
's now a sprint. only 59 days are left until the election. president obama was hoping for a post convention bounce. but the disappointing unemployment numbers may get in the way of that. both president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail today and up employment remains at the top of the agenda. nancy cordes is traveling with the president in seminole, florida. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anthony. the president will be campaigning all weekend long in vote rich central florida while governor romney is in virginia. both candidates are talking about that new jobs report. as you might imagine, the two men see it very differently. the president hit the campaign trail with vice president biden and their wives for the first time this campaign season. he told voters in iowa city that the drop in the unemployment rate from 8.3% to 8.1 was a good sign. >> we can do better. we need to create jobs even faster. we need to fill the hole left by this recession. we need to come out of this crisis stronger than we went in. i don't want to get back to whe
that shirt. it's disgusting. >> so stupid at this point he needs a spotter to place -- >> president obama personally copy edited bill clinton's speech last week from the dnc in charlotte. >> biggest change was that obama had clinton use the phrase americans instead of all you had clinton use the phrase americans instead of all you fine honeys. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to cbs "this morning." violent american protests >>> violent american protests have spread two days after the american aambassador to libya and three of his staff were killed. this morning, target is the american interests in yemen capital. weapons in the air chanting death to america stormed the embassy compound. yemeni officials in the u.s. say no casualties have been reported. >> meanwhile, protests are escalating today in other cities at the u.s. embassy in cairo. egyptian police are using tear gas to drive away demonstrators. holly williams is in cairo. holly, good morning. >> good morning. while some of the protests here, protesters here in cairo, chi hoe seemed to have stayed on the streets all night. the
president obama's campaign is launching a new tv ad with that secretly recorded video of his opponent. jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in denver this morning. >> reporter: good morning. romney left california and headed here yesterday afternoon. he's trying to get his focus back on the economy after what his advisers even say was a terrible last week for him. at a rally here last night he really focused on jobs, and he came out swinging against the president. >> this could be the state that takes it over the edge! >> reporter: campaigning in the swing state of colorado, romney is keeping his focus on the economy. and his message more forceful and specific. >> they don't understand small business. i do. not because i studied it, but because i lived it. you have to be in business to understand how to create jobs. >> reporter: he's looking to put last week behind him. on the campaign plane sunday night to denver, romney told reporters he was buckling down. quietly rejecting suggestions the race may be slipping away. >> you know, we just keep on battling forward with our message.
orfor the tyranny of a mob. >> with just 52 days until the election president obama is leading mitt romney in the polls. and the number of americans who believe the country is going in the righting direction is at a three year high. >> another royal scandal reminiscent of paparazzi chasing princess diana. topless pictures of kate middleton are released. this time the royals are fighting back. >> a new menu at mcdonald's. it will tell you how many calories are in your burgers and fries. all that and so much more on cbs "this morning," saturday, september 15, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning welcome to the weekend. . >> happy saturday. >> a lot of news this morning. we begin this morning with a story that has angered muse limgs arou -- muslims around the world. as demonstrations against the film continue to spread to nearly two dozen countries. carter evans of our los angeles station is in cerritos, south of l.a. >> reporter: good morning. after being holed up at his home for nearly three days the man that the world has been waiting to see and hear from made a brief ap
obama with a growing lead over governor romney. >>> the cnn-orc survey says 52% supporting the president and 46% supporting romney. a week ago, before the democratic national convention, they were tied. romney took aim at mr. obama's campaign slogan. >> he went out with his campaign slogan, you know what it is. he says forward. forward is his campaign slogan. i think forewarned is a better term. >> and today, former president bill clinton will be reaching out to voters. >> reporter: the obama campaign is trying to bottle the magic of clinton's convention address, which twice as many people thought was the highlight of last week than the president's speech. president obama liked clinton's smiling takedown of the romney-ryan arguments so much that he spent the weekend out on the campaign trail repeating a friend's suggestion that he should point clinton to a new job. >> president clinton made the case the way only he can. somebody sent out a tweet. they said you should appoint him secretary of explaining stuff. secretary of explaining stuff. secretary of explaining stuff. secretary of expl
in pennsylvania. >> completing the museum at the site. >> president obama observed a moment of silence at white house, marking the moment when the first plane hit the world trade center. >> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line as negotiations remain gridlocked. >>> emerged the grand slam champi champion, andy murray wins the u.s. open. >> it wasn't just important for me, but as a country as a whole. >>> duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in singapore, ahead of their diamond jubilee tour of asia. >> i don't mean dominated but in the sense of -- >> absolutely not. >> i need new glasses, went and got some glasses. >> i don't want to accuse wolf blitzer of going -- >> i think you put up the wrong picture on the side by side. this is the picture you should have put. >> i don't hate tweets. i just don't love them. >> and all that matters. >> president mahmoudahmadinejad. >> on yom kippur. >> that's like the kardashians giving a speech on labor day. >>> welcome to cbs "cbs this mornin morning". leon panetta is speaking out about the s.e.a.l. who w
for a fourth day of anti-american violence overseas. >>> a new cbs news poll shows president obama jumping ahead of mitt romney. >> buckingham palace is outraged over topless photos of kate middleton. >> we begin this morning with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> egyptian protesters crack the police in cairo. >> anti-american protest spread. >> demonstrations across the region from iran to iraq to gaza, libya, yemen, more crow. >> it's putting embassies on high alert. >> four arrests have been made on the u.s. consulate. >> ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were kill in the attack. >> they were good and brave men. >> the federal reserve planning to buy up mortgage debt to get the economy rolling. it says it will spend $40 billion a month until home buy is affordable again. >> investors liked what they are hearing. this dow rose 206 points. >> what bernanke is saying what the president is saying is wrong. the president is saying the economy is making progress. bernanke say no it's not. >> do you think there's a reasonable chance you could lose this election
news poll shows president obama jumping ahead of mitt romney. >>> buckingham palace outraged over topless photos of kate middleton. >>> plus, new evidence in the natalie wood case only on cbs"c this morning." >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. captioning funded by cbs >>> egyptian protesters continue in cairo. >> demonstrations across the region from iran and iraq to gaza, to yemen, to libya and morocco. >> and violence is putting u.s. embassies across the middle east on high alert. >> libyan officials state four arrests have been made in the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. >> they were good and brave men. >> the federal reserve, planning to buy up mortgage debt to get the economy rolling. it will spend $40 billion a month on bonds until home buying is affordable again. >> investors certainly like what they heard. the dow rose yesterday, finishing up 206 points. >> what bernanke is doing is s
this morning." as president obama speaks to the u.n., mitt romney wants to know why the president is not talking to other world leaders. >> speaking of world leaders, we talk with the rulers of egypt and iran and also with president bill clinton. >> and the controversial last-second call has nfl fans and players outraged. so did last night's game seal the fate of those replacement r refs. >> but we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> more than 120 world leaders are in town, but the president is not scheduled to meet with any of them. >> president obama to address the united nations amid growing controversy. >> he hasn't set a meeting with benjamin netanyahu of israel. >> he did tape an appearance on "the view." >> he's expected to dissuade iran from pursuing its nuclear weapons program. >> do you think this election has the possibility of producing a change that will overcome gridlock? >> i think it almost certainly will. let me explain why. i think the president's going to win. >> the call on the field stands. touchdown. >> seahawks win in the most bizarre
. >> the obama campaign engaged in character assassination. >> oh, sure. they completely misrepresent my point of view. >>> today at the united nations, benjamin netanyahu will issue dire warning on the nuclear program. >> hundreds of passengers endure a frightening landing, it straightened out as the train touched down. >>> a dying man's tip may lead to the final resting place of jimmy hoffa. police will drill beneath concrete in suburban detroit. it shows a teenager aiming a rocket launcher. >> a good way to get around town. we'll check this out. users can navigate their way under water. >> do you mind if i ask you a lot of dumb american questions? >> fire away. >> i love poland. i love the polish people. i like polish hot dogs. i like stripper poles. >> iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad called for a new world order for western powers. >> everyone will get a mad dictator bobblehead doll. it's a collector's item. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." national football league officials are going back to work over three weeks of outrage, the nfl and regular reps agreed overnight on
doesn't back down from his comments while a new poll shows president obama in the lead in three swing states. >>> was jesus married? a new document leads to more questions. >>> president and jackie kennedy revealed. >>> we begin with this morning's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> my expectation is that if you want to be president, you have to work for everybody, not just for some. >> president obama takes mitt romney to task as the gop nominee stands by his controversial comments. >> mitt romney caught on tape saying near ly half of the country is dependent on government. and they think they're victims. >> we, of course, are talking about a campaign and how he is going to get close to half the vote. i'm going to get half the vote, approximately. i hope. >> maybe he didn't mean it the way it sounded. whatever he meant, writing off half the electorate is just not smart politics. >>> next thing i know, bam! >> millions of people along the east coast dealing with the aftermath of a wicked storm. >> from washington, d.c. to boston, utility crews will be scrambling to restore elect
using the president's own words of a long time ago. >> republicans insist president obama's 1998 redistribution comments are represent what the president always believed and still believes. >> the trick is figuring out how do we structure government system that is pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution. >>> top u.s. security official told a senate panel wednesday the deadly attack in libya september 11th in which the ambassador and three others were killed was a terrorist strike. >>> unemployment is way too high and home ownership is way too low, the recovery is happening. >>> federal jury has awarded a man more than $7 million for lung damage caused by microwave popcorn. >> i would breathe it in because it smells good. >>> riders stuck, dangling nearly four hours, 300 feet in the air. >> i'm just happy to be on the ground. >>> a very close call has one police officer being called a hero. the officer pushes a woman out of the way. p>> ooh, i'm not doing that mov. >> expect some delays. ooh, that left lane. he just g
weapon. >> president obama is likely to discuss that speech with netanyahu today. the white house says the two leaders will speak on the phone. netanyahu met with secretary of state hillary clinton thursday after his speech. >> margaret brennan watched the speech. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, charlie. the israeli prime minister made a public appeal to the u.n. to set a firm ultimatum on iran to stop the nuclear development. he put pressure on the obama administration to take a tougher tone weeks ahead of the u.s. presidential election. >> reporter: israel's rhetorical red line. >> a red line should be drawn right here. >> reporter: became a literal one as prime minister benjamin netanyahu took to the u.n. general assembly with a red marker and a chart of what he says is iran's progress towards developing nuclear weapons. >> red lines don't lead to war. red lines prevent war, and i believe that faced with a clear red line, iran will back down. >> reporter: the prime minister's speech put in stark relief the differences between how the u.s. and israel view the threat o
candidates for president. steve croft will speak to president obama, scott pelley will talk to mitt romney. >>> demonstrators storm several parliamentary military installations including two belonging to the groups suspected of having attacked the u.s. consulate. kris stevens was killed in that consulate. elizabeth palmer is in benghazi this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well it's a quiet morning in benghazi but that's an uneasy quiet after this citizens protest against the parra military overnight turned into a violent showdown. it started as a simple protest. the people of benghazi coming together to send a message to the armed groups who control their city, and who attacked america's consulate ten days ago killing ambassador chris stevens. the message is we had enough. overhead libya's military showed support for the crowd. things remained peaceful until after dark when core groups of protesters decided to enforce their message. they besieged several of the militia bases that dot the city and pushed them out. then they got into their cars and headed out to the
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